ATA Architecture and Engineering, which works with a high sense of responsibility and reliability that exceeds customer expectations, combines experience and quality awareness with the belief of continuous improvement, and adopts commitment to business ethics as a principle, and offers sector-specific solutions to its customers operating in different sectors.

Sports and Organization
Entertainment and Media
Industrial Facilities
information and technology
It provides electrical, static and architectural solutions for the interior arrangements of the buildings it serves within the scope of these sectors (hotel, bar, restaurant, cafe, office, home, school, children's playhouses, hospital, pharmacy, bank branch, etc.).


After the creation of the project team and the mobilization, the project is applied on the field before starting the work, and it is ensured that the problems that will arise later in the project are foreseen. Our technical staff will be at the construction site and at the beginning of the work during the production so that the works can be done in the desired quality and on time according to the created work schedule and the technical specifications of the work items. The work schedule will be monitored on a daily basis, and daily, weekly and monthly progress reports will be submitted to the employer.

Our company acts in accordance with the following issues in order to eliminate or reduce uncertainty, increase the efficiency in activities, ensure better agreement of objectives, monitor the work, control and establish a basis while creating the planning and programming of the projects.

• To organize the project activities,

• Determining who will do what, when, how and why,

• To determine the material and human resources that will be required,

• Allocate these resources to certain stages in a timely and appropriate manner,

• Identifying and allocating responsibilities.

• Integrate the work of all relevant organizations.

• To provide effective communication between individuals, teams and organizations.

• Coordinating all activities of relevant persons and organizations,

• To control all works related to the project,

• Suggesting measures to be prepared for unexpected events and changes,

• Determining the end time of the project